Wonderful Sushi Part 1

Sushi is a simple and easy to make dish. With fresh fish, and a sharp knife, your tastebuds will love you! In part 1, we’ll cover what is needed to make this fantastic dish. I promise, it’s not difficult, or time consuming.

First Sharpen your knives with this nifty Ergo Chef sharpener I found this super cheap online here.


Buy some fresh ingredients from your local grocer. Make sure the avocado is soft and the fish is fresh!

I love pickled sushi ginger! Yum! The roe adds a savory tone, and a slightly crunchy texture. Sonic Sushi makes the BEST wasabi! I found it here much cheaper than the store. Citrus Ponzu and a nice light soy sauce round out the flavor complement.


Come back for part 2, to be published soon!



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