Kombucha Bottling!

On June 9th I boiled up a 1/2 gallon batch of green tea. The threw in a little SCOBY and a cup of starter liquid. A nice pale white-grey SCOBY was formed. Today was the day to start bottling. How did I know? Basically I waited until the SCOBY was 1/4 inch thick, and my thirst was getting the best of me 🙂

I reserved the big ol’ SCOBY, and 1/4 of the juice and then dumped equal amounts into each bottle. About 1/3 of each bottle was filled, roughly 8 oz each.

I boiled up another 1/2 gallon of clean water, with green tea and 1/2 cup of organic sugar. While that boiled, I added my flavorings, from left to right in the image above.

  1. 8oz of POM Pomegranate juice
  2. Four fresh, sliced strawberries
  3. 15 or so crushed blueberries
  4. 8.45 oz of fresh mango juice
  5. 8.45 oz of fresh pineapple juice

Once the new tea was cooled off, I topped off each bottle. The rest of the tea was poured back into my gallon fermenter with the big ol’ SCOBY and it’s juice. 3 weeks from now I’ll be able to bottle five more bottles!

For the next three days, I’ll watch the carbonation rate of each, and burp each bottle as needed. At the end of three days, the second stage of fermentation, should have run it’s course and I can then refrigerate. Looking forward to it all!

Have a happy and safe fourth of July!

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