Day 1 PaleoFX

Day 1 of PaleoFX was AWESOME! The Palmer Event Center is a sprawling complex, half park half building. Conveniently located on the Colorado River, in downtown Austin, TX, there are many sights and great restaurants in the immediate area.

Walking around the convention center is about 200 vendors, not only showing off their cool foods, books or latest fitness gear, they are also SELLING their stuff. If one really wants to walk away with a 50lb tub of ancestral turkey lard, one can.

I attended several talks and a few key points I learned…I took TONS of notes, and this will be a few of the gems:

  • Cal Dietz excellent talk on Super Methods in Performance Training.
    • CORRECT: power firing order: glutes, ham strings, quadratus lumborum (lower back)
    • Dysfunctional firing order = poor results and injury.
    • Learn everything about triphasic sequencing
  • Dr Mike Nelson’s funny, yet scientific based talk on Increased Performance and Body Composition with Metabolic Flexibility.
    • Carbs, fats, protein…amounts, when and where is metabilic flexibility.
    • Too much keto impairs intense performance.
    • Carbs pre-training is key.
    • Fat cells do all sorts of cool things: release hormones, provide energy etc…
    • Pre and post training: 2:1 ratio carbs:protein very roughly 60g carbs:30g protein for an average dude.
    • No real such thing as a post training anabolic eating window. Eat within a few hours is ideal.
  • An informative panel of: Cal Dietz, Dr Mike Nelson, Dr andy Galpin and Jon Mike. Swole by Science: Hypertrophy explained what hypertrophy is, how muscle fibers react to stress, the science and protocols on how to gain mass.
    • Hypertrophy is increasing muscle diameter of EXISTING muscle..not creating new muscle cells.
    • Hypertrophy created under mechanical stress and volume.
    • Volume is measures in total pounds pushed. 2 days * 10 sets * 10 reps * 10 lbs = 2000 lbs
    • Morning workouts before a breakfast…one should eat after the workout.
    • Nighttime¬†workouts after dinner…one doesn’t really need to eat, or do a simple 2:1 carb:protein snack.
    • No carbs during a long workout leads to adaptations.
      • Use carbs during a workout/race for performance.
  • Ben Greenfield gave a really funny talk on How to Enhance your Brain, Biohack Cognitive Performance and Banish Neural Inflammation.
    • He had ten items he recommends for optimal cognitive performance.
    • Things ranged from nerve decomression, cold/hot therapy, light therapy, aromatherapy, fasting etc..
  • A very speedy and entertaining talk on Nitric Oxide by Dr Tim Gerstmar.
    • Nitric Oxide might work.
    • Arginine supplements are useless.
  • And to round out the day, an engaging Parkour workshop, Move with Purpose: Mindfulness in Action, by Parkour master Dan Edwardes.
    • Fun stuff!
    • Mindful patterns in simple jumps.
    • Pay focused attention on one thing, and see what your body does naturally to adapt the rest of your meat bag.
    • Confidence booster for sure!

Stay tuned for Day 2!



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