For those who love Kombucha. I wanted to share with you a quick howto poster I made, you may download and share the PDF, or on the poster image simply right click then choose save. Stick it on your fridge! Once you get a small SCOBY and starter tea from the internet, or from a friend (email me and I will mail you one at a reasonable price!). Follow these instructions for success!

Make sure you get a fermentation friendly glass jar!

Buy some high quality black tea or green tea.

And get some good organic sugar. Kombucha yeast and probiotics eat the sugar before you will!

Good bottles make all the difference in the kombucha experience, my favorite bottles are these.


Start off by making the salmon rolls.

Cut and gut an avocado. You can remove the pit by whacking it with a knife and twisting.

Slice the salmon into thin less than 1/4 inch thick, by 1 inch wide sheets about 6 inches long. Tip: make sure your knife is samurai sword sharp and wetting the blade between cuts helps too.

Smear the avocado on the salmon.

Then very carefully roll the salmon and prop it on its side.

Garnish with some roe.


Making some nigiri!

This is the easiest. Simply cut the salmon and tuna into some nice rectangles.

Make sure you cut so that the grain some out nice, like the picture.

Also, when you skin the fish, make sure you skin out all the chewy tendons close the the skin.

Sushi Volcano!

This is nothing more than chopping up leftover salmon and tuna, and throwing in some avocado. Make a giant volcano shape.

Garnish with some ponzu and soy sauce.


This part is easy. A spoon full of wasabi powder and some clean water.

Mix it all up into you start to cry.

Slap it all onto a plate. With sushi arrangement is important. Simple tastes should be eaten before more complex tastes.